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Superior Performance
Superior Performance

Patent pending flow control design keeps miners at the right temperature, up to 110º F without water

Balanced Tank
Balanced Tank

3º C or less variation of chip temperatures across every miner in every tank

Turnkey Software
Turnkey Software

No BYOS; we provide a complete solution for managing sites, systems, tanks, and miners

Dry Coolers Designed to Fit
Dry Coolers Designed to Fit

For virtually any ambient temperature, from a company with 60 years experience designing and building heat exchangers

Single Source for Everything

Tanks, pumps, process piping, heat exchangers, controllers, software – everything comes from Hayden, so you only have one vendor to deal with

Simple Installation
Simple Installation

We deliver a tank skid and a heat exchanger — connect, add fluid, add miners, and start mining


Superior Tank Design

Superior Tank Design
Accessible Design

With two aisles for miners and an overflow in the center, every miner is easy to get at for maintenance

Integrated PDU's

With PDU's integrated on each side of our tanks, customers have the shortest and simplest cable runs

Convenient Drain Tray

Sliding from side-to-side, our drainage tray makes it easy to drain one miner, or half the miners in the tank at a time

All the Extras

Adjustable feet for leveling, grounding lugs, ethernet cable tray, switch mount, spill tray option...

You name it, we've thought of everything!


Superior Fluid Management

Equal Distribution
Equal Distribution

Our highly engineered fluid distribution system ensures that each miner gets an equal amount of flow, making our tanks incredibly balanced

Miner Flow Control

We go further to direct much of the fluid to where the heat is – the ASIC chips – so flow isn't wasted on areas that don't need it

Miner Flow Control
Advanced R&D Process

We’ve tested over 150 variations in tank design to come up with a system that functions at peak performance


Efficient Module System Layout

Hayden's Yin-yang Systems Layout

Hayden's yin-yang systems layout provides a high-density installation and an efficient use of space, while still allowing access to every side of every tank. Identical modular systems make for more cost-effective inventorying and procurement of replacement parts like pumps, seals, and fan motors.

The Modular Design

The modular design easily scales to an entire facility and systems can be repurposed in different sized buildings, if necessary, or spread among multiple buildings.


Superior Software

Software Site View
Site View
Software System View
System View
Software Tank View
Software Miner View
Miner View

Hayden Immersion Benefits

Higher ROI or Lower CAPEX
Higher ROI or Lower CAPEX

Increase hashrate on miners up to 50% or reduce CAPEX to achieve a desired hashrate

Longer Miner Life
Longer Miner Life

Running on air takes its toll on miner hardware, with an expected 1.5-2 year life. Miners running in fluid can last indefinitely.

Better Conditions for Staff
Better Conditions for Staff

Facilities can be temperature-controlled when running immersion systems. Immersion tanks are virtually silent.

Less Noise
Less Noise

Heat exchangers produce 85dBa at 3 feet. Tanks are silent.

Lower Operating Cost
Lower Operating Cost

When miners run more reliability, fewer technicians are needed.

Remote Plant Operation
Remote Plant Operation

With our complete software solution, you can manage your plant from anywhere.


Immersion Literature

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Hayden Immersion Brochure

Immersion Mining Heat Exchangers

Hayden Industrial Fast Fit

Hayden offers a line of aluminum braze air to oil (or water/glycol) heat exchangers designed and sized specifically for immersion crypto mining applications. In the mining community, air to liquid heat exchangers such as these are often referred to as dry coolers.

While lots of companies fabricate immersion cooling tanks for ASIC and other miners, very few have the capability for properly sizing the heat exchanger such that it will work at the exact environmental conditions any location can experience. Many solutions end up over, or more commonly, under sized.

We've designed, built, and tested our crypto mining heat exchangers in immersion cooling systems with popular Bitcoin miners such as the Antminer S17 Pro and S19 Pro series and Whatsminer M31 series.

We offer 11 sizes ranging in capacity from 11 to 500 KW in a single core. Multiple cores can be combined for higher cooling capacities up to multiple megawatts. These heat exchangers can be sized to work with dielectric fluid (for single loop systems) or glycol (for dual loop systems).

Hayden has a Fast Fit™ sizing tool specifically designed for sizing heat exchangers for immersion cooling applications.

We offer bare cores, cores with fans and shrouds, as well as complete immersion cooling heat exchanger packages with included pumps and controls.

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Hayden Aluminum Braze Heat Exchanger

Hayden Industrial

About Hayden Industrial
Hayden Immersion Tank Lab

Hayden has been designing and building heat exchangers for over 60 years. We specialize in highly engineered solutions that meet specific customer needs, and provide solutions for just about any ambient temperature, from the Arctic to the Sahara Desert, in sizes ranging from small transmission coolers to very large lube oil cooler for gas turbines.

Our expertise in the highly engineered side of the heat exchanger markets, and as a supplier for dry coolers used in mining applications sees us uniquely positioned to provide a solution for the rest of the immersion system solution.

With our team of skilled mechanical, process, and software engineers, we’ve built arguably the best immersion system in the industry. We’ve run over 150 tank design variations through our immersion mining test lab to come up with a flow control system so good, you can run a tank within a few degrees of shutdown temperatures while still hashing.

Hayden operates out of our facilities in San Bernardino, California, Wuxi, China, and our newest and largest facility yet in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we are building a newer and larger dedicated immersion test facility, and dedicated immersion system production facilities.

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